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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My recent guest comment ! Klout ?

Hi All
I joined twitter few months back and I like to interact with people. Slowly, I carved out a niche for myself and started sharing content related to #Digital and #Social. I had a simple strategy in mind that I need to learn fast and quick.
People in this niche would be quick and I will get to learn from them. How to build blogs, how to make connections, how to be real, how to be authentic etc. I constantly RT and share stuff that I like, which in turn provides value to my audience.
I share content what I like (almost everywhere and on every platform) and this guest blogging is great ! You can interact with your audience and anticipate what they want.
I am very clear, I am not an expert on anything and I don't want to be.
"Learning is the best policy"
Rest everything will fall in place. I knew nothing about Klout, I was reading stuff related to Social Influence and Social profiling and got a feel that how industry is using this Klout score.
It has turned more like a credit score we get, while applying for loans ! People have started bragging about their scores and buyers are making Klout score a necessary mandate for applying to jobs.
I love working smart but being authentic is your only way out. You have to write content. You need to have a content strategy and network strategy ! You need to be consistent. (..else you will stop providing value to your network)
I am not promoting my blog, in fact I don't even have one. Its rudimentary and broken :( I am just trying out few things on blogger. Please have a look, you people will understand what I mean !
My Klout score has shown exceptional spikes and believe me I am getting noticed.
Branding start-ups are trying to woo me, My company is giving me respect ?
I love to connect ;) Follow me on twitter @girish_16, Add me on LinkedIn
Thanks and regards :)
Girish Sharma