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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My recent guest comment ! Klout ?

Hi All
I joined twitter few months back and I like to interact with people. Slowly, I carved out a niche for myself and started sharing content related to #Digital and #Social. I had a simple strategy in mind that I need to learn fast and quick.
People in this niche would be quick and I will get to learn from them. How to build blogs, how to make connections, how to be real, how to be authentic etc. I constantly RT and share stuff that I like, which in turn provides value to my audience.
I share content what I like (almost everywhere and on every platform) and this guest blogging is great ! You can interact with your audience and anticipate what they want.
I am very clear, I am not an expert on anything and I don't want to be.
"Learning is the best policy"
Rest everything will fall in place. I knew nothing about Klout, I was reading stuff related to Social Influence and Social profiling and got a feel that how industry is using this Klout score.
It has turned more like a credit score we get, while applying for loans ! People have started bragging about their scores and buyers are making Klout score a necessary mandate for applying to jobs.
I love working smart but being authentic is your only way out. You have to write content. You need to have a content strategy and network strategy ! You need to be consistent. (..else you will stop providing value to your network)
I am not promoting my blog, in fact I don't even have one. Its rudimentary and broken :( I am just trying out few things on blogger. Please have a look, you people will understand what I mean !
My Klout score has shown exceptional spikes and believe me I am getting noticed.
Branding start-ups are trying to woo me, My company is giving me respect ?
I love to connect ;) Follow me on twitter @girish_16, Add me on LinkedIn
Thanks and regards :)
Girish Sharma

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Social Profiling

Some of you won’t believe what is happening to me these days...

Am I just going crazy? Or is it some real business…

I am constantly reading stuff that’s compelling ( want to read that stuff no matter what!)

Tip 1004: Inbound Marketing where customers search for the content or product or service ;)

I am trying to explain my position to people and it seems all the more weird. Sometimes it’s spooky!
People are throwing content @ you from all sides and you want to get drenched in the rain. They are transforming you.

And they are true and genuine people! “Real people make real connections” You can talk to them through guest comments, add them across social platforms and say Hi ;) You will find some morons who will try and bug only the top influential people :p

These are like minded communities who help you to connect with them. They engage you, talk to you and never leave you alone. You have to do nothing except for the true karma!

Everything that I read, I try to connect and that’s the trick. Where can you apply them in your real life? Any quote that comes in your mind?

“Honesty is the best policy”

I nailed it for my audience :) It is best to be honest/authentic while writing… you will make a better connect… you can write freely… it’s easy… it works!

Now try it yourself… lol

“Spirit Science” I know many of you have started to like or share their posts. What If I tell you I met a glowing soul few months back in my cousin’s marriage and I felt an instant connection J. Few days later on Facebook I saw her sharing the similar content over and over again. In fact, I remember I left a comment somewhere “I just can’t keep liking your posts!” And she very politely said “This is what she likes”.

You have any idea what social profiling is?  You can define and predict characteristics of a person by the kind of content you like, share or engage with on social media platforms. If a girl likes a bag it’s ok but what if a guy has a penchant for cosmetics? People are lazy… People are smart… sports people… intellectual type… sleepy… fitness freaks… belligerent… emotional… sexy!

My top 10 interests (… what data suggests[gs1] ) :P

1.       Philanthropy
2.       Philosopher/Thought Leadership
3.       Consumer behaviour
4.       Management
5.       Blogging
6.       Engagement
7.       Social media
8.       Influence propagation
9.       Viral marketing
10.   Innovation diffusion

I was looking for a blog which could connect all dots and as I said these people are excellent, they gave me a masterpiece (… let me remind you it takes a whole lot of money, focussed targeting and effort to make your content reach where it is intended to). Read…
Social Profiling Will Impact Society, Business, and You.
We should expect that social profiling technologies and techniques will impact us in at least three ways:
1) Digital ‘influence’ scores will emerge in the public real world –like it not. The social dynamics of determining who a dominant member of society could change. The largest male, the richest female, may now rival that of the most ‘influential’ person in the room –and everyone will know it quickly. As a result, a new pecking order in business could emerge that breaks corporate hierarchy, wealth, or attractiveness.
2) Marketers will use this to prioritize and reward influencers. Brands have been attracted to influencers for decades, and now they’ve new tools to segment. Hotels like the Palms are already prioritizing guests with high Klout scores to receive special treatment, this will now cascade to hospitality, retail, and more. Expect those with higher scores to be offered special treatment (here’s a breakdown of how it will happen), whether they take the offers or not.
3) New business models will emerge to offer ‘digital grooming”. Like personal grooming in the bathroom, we’ll now have to prepare for our own digital grooming as we venture into the real world. Expect a new form of digital consultant to emerge that will help professionals manage, prune, and improve their digital self, much how image consultants assist those who want to appear their best.

  • Digital Influence Score moved from 10 to 50+ (…exceptional spike in Klout score which has raised eyebrows)
  • Brands like Forbes top influential bloggers are my followers… lol ;) and I am in connect with Branding start-ups like @Brandanew
  • New business models are grooming me to become a leader for the future.

 Your views… I am waiting… comments are the best appreciation a blogger can expect from the audience.
(I hate to moderate comments L so that discussions remain relevant!)

What this blog entails ?

The intention of this blog was "to bring relevantdigitalcontent under one roof" but as I evolved, I realised that this is practically not possible ;) Its better to document my journey as a Digital Evangelist ;)

I got some real feel of digital marketing few months back and now I am attempting this blog with a lot of things already going on in my mind.

2 Major Concerns :

1. I am not a writer
2. I know little about blogging or digital

... and on top of that I have a vision... crap this won't work !

I will try to post my learnings - What I am doing ? Why I am doing ? What you should do ? What you should not do ? What everybody else is doing ? What experts think ? basically what is relevant !
(I am pretty sure I am not the first one to have thought about this.. because this could be the easiest and the quickest thing to do..)

Vision is to transform this blog into a learning platform where digital marketers, social media experts, bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs and affiliates can learn, contribute and work for one another while retaining the pride and ownership of their content
(..seriously I have no clue how all this will happen.)

I will try to post relevantdigitalcontent most of which would be reposts or learnings from mentors, industry experts, webinars, blogs, tutorials etc. so I am not sure whether this content will be considered my own in anyway. Still it will help a lot of people search relevantdigitalcontent and that is one of the key objectives.

I am using "relevantdigitalcontent" the exact keyword again and again because this is relevant for SEO although I don't know how Mr Google will judge this but I hope all this will help my blog go #viral or at-least manage 100 or 1000 views.)

Crazy Ideas and Innovation do bring Disruption ! 

I encourage experts to come forward and tell me what should I do ? I want to document my growth trajectory so that others can leap forward from my experiences and make sense of out of this blog where most of the content would be those of others.

I need to work on visibility and reach of this blog so I am thinking about building backlinks, guest posts, comments, adding images, email subscriptions, templates, on-page/off-page SEO etc but how to do all this... ?

That reminds me I need to work upon email marketing as well. People think its old fashioned & gone and if you think the same, you are losing some serious business opportunities because email forms an integral part of lead nurturing program which transforms leads to qualified leads and finally sales.

I am trying to become active across social platforms. Tip 1004 : Keep your branding consistent and use similar logo/pic/taglines so that your audience can recognise you !

I have nothing to sell as of now ;) So don't worry and connect with me. I am sure you will <3

10 important points why you should have Mr Girish Sharma on board :)

10 important points why you should have Mr Girish Sharma on board :)

1. Vision and Strategic focus
  • Born Leader (Assertive, Belligerent, Story teller, Dreamer and Front runner)
  • Flair for understanding business verticals, business strengths, core competencies, innovative solutions and strategic direction
  • SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

2. Transparent and Trustworthy
  • Worked under strict deadlines and timelines. Understands the value of time management and believes in keeping things simple. Firm believer of Lord Shiva and guided by honesty and integrity.
  • Less communication gaps and well informed decision making
  • 24X7 available on mobile and very less unplanned leaves

3. Pro-Active and Self Motivated
  • Learned niche technologies like LINC and Unisure which others were reluctant to explore and later took competency building/knowledge sharing sessions for LINC within & across team (Telephonic/VCONN).
  • Business and Functional roles: LINC SPOC (Onsite-Offshore coordination, task allocation, asset building, dashboard reporting, support, incident management). Analyst at ICICI_FSL (worked independently at client side, collected data and provided specific solutions regarding Thin-client architecture & design)
  • Aegon_UK Insurance domain competency award winner

4. Passion and Energy
  • Positive, cheerful, lively, spontaneous, creative, innovative, approachable, witty, quick , dexterous and agile team player
  • Events: Cavorts-BIT technical fest, Vibration-BIT cultural fest, Crest 4.0-GLIM technical/cultural fest, Flash Mob, Raahgiri, business relation events, team meetings, celebrations and social gatherings
  • Vyaktitva club at Great Lakes Institute Of Management – responsible for conducting and organizing business quiz, seminars, Industry connect, group discussions and debates
  • CSR, TCS Maitree, Fire safety SPOC, blood donation, religious institutions (ISKON/Arya samaj/Shani mandir)

5. Jack of all trades and master of some ;)
  • Social media, networking, multi-tasking, content, AR, PR, campaign, requirement analysis, data gathering, software development, support, testing, deployment, PMO, domain expertise, business intelligence, business strategy, Thought leadership
  • Marketing (8 Subjects) Analytics (4 Subjects) Operations (4 Subjects) Finance (3 Subjects)
  • Art, culture, reading, writing, photography, travel, cars, fashion, cricket, social networking, gym, music, dance, JUDO and Love <3

6. Content Evangelist (Self/PNBHFL/GLIM/local businesses)
  • Blogging, Infographics, video, dynamic and static website development, template creation, evangelism, content review for particular niche, Email content (Headline testing, spam testing, A/B testing, open rates, conversions)
  • Received recommendations from Forbes influential bloggers like brokeblokeblogs, mathewwoodword, Eve Mayer #FollowFriday for relevant content and shares a personal connect

7. Eagerness to learn and contribute
  • Best friend: Mr. Google, self-learning, newsletters, subscriptions, e-learnings, webinars, online/offline trainings, digiVidya, coursera
  • TCS Knowmax (Critical point testing document, best practices document, guest blogging and comments, monthly/weekly review and update)
  • People say “Rare combination of humility and confidence”, “Quick to admit mistakes and rectify them in no time”

8. Connected
  • Active cross platform connectivity (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Klout etc.) and niche audience engagement to boost reach/visibility for meaningful connections
  • Social media promotion strategy and competitive analysis for PNBHFL, Majestic SEO for Internet PR, truesocialmetrics and RivalIQ
  • Digital Point Award for Digital and Social Presence

9. Academic Excellence
  • Received Honor Role Award, Scholar Blazer for consistently scoring 85% and above, DAV College Academic Achievement Award and 10th Tuition fee waived off by DAV Board
  • BE(CS) from Tier 1 institute BIT Mesra (Projects: Parallel Universe, Steganography, Ant colony Optimization)
  • Easily belled the CAT with 90%ile and completed PGPM from Great Lakes Gurgaon

10. X-factor
  • Smart, Intelligent and Presentable Digital Marketing enthusiast
  • Entrepreneurial acumen, Interested in startups (BookMyDriver, payments), mergers and acquisitions, valuations, capital structure, budgeting and risk management (Moon cinemas, PNB Gilts)